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Cabals: The Card Game Updated!

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December 15th, 2011

The update introduces 8 new cards into the game, 2 for each cabal, and a number of other changes and improvements.

Complete list of changes for this update:
*8 new cards, 2 for each cabal
*Fixed a number of time-out issues
*Completely new How to Play section with clearer and complete rules and illustrations
*In-game tips to make learning the game easier
*The high score list now shows the top 100 players
*All the reward cards are now shown properly in the single player mode if more than one are gained at the same time
*AI opponents level 10 and above play faster
*UI change: all the non-targeted actions are now used by pressing on the own hero name

Card Changes:
*The base cost of Northern Lights increased to 4
*The base cost of Gas Attack increased to 4
*The base cost of Sídh increased to 3
*The power of Homunculus increased to 2

Install Cabals: The Card Game from iTunes AppStore or Android Market, or download a computer build for PC or Mac from the Cabals: The Card Game website.