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Cabals The Card Game Updated – Friend Matches introduced

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January 23rd, 2012


The complete list of changes:

Friend Matches

  • 4 new rare cards, 1 for each cabal
  • 2 new maps
  • Fixed the timeout issue
  • In-game change, which allows to see the opponent details
  • In-game change, actions can be used also by dragging and dropping
  • UI change: all the non-targeted actions are now used by pressing on either hero
  • Additions to How to Play: Stamina and maximum hand size
  • Full screen -card opens now consistently on all units
  • And other tweaks

Card Changes:

  • Danann: The base cost of Sidh increased to 4
  • Danann: The base cost of Decompose increased to 4
  • Zahir: The loyalty cost of Depraved Aristocrat lowered to 1
  • Vril: The activation cost of Blitz trooper lowered to 2

New cards:

Infest the Mind (Bearclaw Brotherhood)
Action | 1BBB | Target unit on a non-stronghold tile cannot move until the beginning of your next turn. Draw a card.

Clone (Order of Zahir)
Unit(2) | 3YY | 2R, E: Clone gains the power and abilities of target unit.

Danann Shapechange (Danann Covenant)
Action | 4GG | Target unit is healed and loses all effects and abilities and has the power of 4.

Armanic Warrior (Vril Society)
Unit(7) | 5RR | Pay 2R at the start of your turn

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